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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Shenlon

This, certainly, is my favorite MUD ever.  I don't throw the word "favorite" around lightly, either.  This MUD has got all you could want:  a huge world with surprises around every corner, tons of skills and spells to learn with the "sphere" system, a good amount of balanced races and classes, and tons of interesting areas to explore.  For newbies to Arcane Nites, or complete newbies to the world of MUDing, it's a real treat to go to.  The players are always happy to answer questions, no matter how newbish, and the head admin, Cynthal, is always ready to listen.  He hears and answers questions and he asks opinions of players all the time.

The MUD is constantly evolving to make the most interesting and fun experience for the players.  Cynthal wants nothing less.  Check it out today!