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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Junovesta

I have been playing this mud since 1999. I can say that it has always left me coming back for more. The rooms are all descriptive, and full of original ideas. Quests are given out at questmasters, (NPC's) So you may quest at your discretion. Also, I find that there is always something new being added, new places to explore and new friends to be made. I myself am a player guide on the game, we are volunteer's who help out characters who are in a bind, or just want some general information or help about the game. I've met numerous characters from the game irl,
as well as my fiance. The atmosphere is friendly, the layout easy to understand, and you will  come to love the directional compass showing the way you can move. It also offers Clans, Playerkill, and locker storage. Also items are saved. This is a great game , not only for the play, but for the people playing it.