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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ratrace

Well crom, i have to say i loved your notes, but really nothing there i didnt expect you not to say.. pretty predictable. Similar to this is the response to many of the Ideas that are posted on the design website.
Avatar was is home to me, has been for many years, i have friends there, some long term, some only for a very short-term. Most of them, like me just log to talk these days and run rarely, why? because there isnt anything new, not really.

When you read through the design ideas that eventually get posted onto the avatar design website, there are many feasibly good ideas, and ones which can be coded, but avatar seems to have fallen behind the times. And certainly other muds with their high standard of evolution like Aardwolf are bringing avatar into more and more disrepute.

crom? imms?
how do you explain the gaps in the lord lists? More and more of the older players are seeking muds elsewhere, it could be partially because promises of further levels and areas are 7 years old and counting, or it could as mary put it be because the lord community is the first punished when anything happens at any level, or it could be that snikt has stuck to his guns and said NO more coding because someone is using a trigger !!! i could have sworn i saw a player with a trigger...
gee triggers.

Now i have never used triggers always relying on alias's in my client / mud to always keep a high standard of response in grouping etc etc and fighting .. but to state that triggers is the entire reason there is no new coding is pretty lame.
I've been an imm/imp on other muds for the last 10 yrs, to put down an entire reason not to code on a very minor issue is pretty pathetic, if you have a problem coding perhaps it is because you no longer have the zest for it anymore, or because you arent listening to the players anymore. But dont blame a single miscellanous detail, triggers will always exist while a player has a client capable of it, and im sure that some of you imms angels etc have used and are using triggers, dont lay the blame on just the players.. however convienent that will be..

Coding as a whole

hmm well, we are slowly getting in new areas, usually replacing the existing rare good equipment with severely downgraded items, but at least they are going in, However, an earlier arcticle was very correct, Dont expect to be able to solo much until you reach a point at hero lvl and can self spell or you just wish to die a lot. this is truly a grouping only mud, and soloers are consistently nerfed.

An excellent example of this is when you reach Lord, btw, as pre mentioned, dont expect to get lord equipment easily, you have to join vast groups for it, which take anytime between 5 and 25 minutes to set up, spell up, then run, when you kill a mob which has eq, it is Lotto'ed and even then your chances are slim as the newest lord.
but hey .. dont expect life to be easy...

The imms are the true power base, as might be expected since they are the guiders of the mud, but though there are boards, there is very little player feedback which is taken on board. there is very much an attitude of this is how we want things done regardless.


All classes have a few unique skills, wonderful, However you hit Hero, and everything tends to blur into one, there is no multiclassing, but you can pick up almost anything bar the few odd skills, as you reach lvl 51. But there is severe balancing issues, a mage can typically bash better than a warrior, a warrior gains more skill % when using spells than his or her own warrior skills, and dont expect to hit 100% in any skill until high ranking hero, regardless of the fact that say as a rogue you backstab 24/7. Please note you will also find a high degree of pointless skills/spells which are no longer appliciable ie creating food - why we dont get hunger, gem lore - simply doesnt exist, because there is no more coding.. and because we were told that the imp no longer liked the concept.


well this recent year just gone we saw the inclusion of another remort race, Hobgoblins and another race for open classes, a kobold.
difference ?

not much, cept how many kobs do you see playing now, gave the weakest race possible to the mud with little or no redeeming features other than the fact of a very low xp til next lvl, and the only real interest playable race as a kind of treat to get lords to remort, oh sorry, goblin only lords to remort to Hob.

Other very fun races such as troll and sprite and dragon and griffon were also given to lords, again allowing giving lords a chance to remort, solving perhaps the eternal waiting that lords have for their 7yr plus wait on legends .. and what was it titans?

but at the same time taking out such a fun chunk of the mud races, i believe the reasoning was that they were overpowered..

hah, with all the skills being nerfed .. it was fairly balanced whatever happens.


it adds a new element to playing, however, i would like to see a more racial element to deities than just a generic symbolism.

Overall avatar needs a swift kick in the pants to get it to where it was a few years ago. Im not someone who is always going to sit and whine about How it used to be, but I will sit and talk about how it should be. However the imms arent impressed by that. and I will have to concede that, earlier reviews are quite correct when it has been stated that many players have been banned.jailed or gagged for posting a viewpoint however fair/polite is has been. Simply because it isnt the imm pov.
but this has always been true with muds and will be to an extent.

But, this is just another single view point.. feel free to check it out for yourself, just remember there are children present (usually in the imm list) and be polite...