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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Rubicant

This is my take.

The subject of triggers...

basically SOME triggers open the way for botting and spoils a lot of the risk/reward/adventure of the game.  If you look at some of the things the imms have hinted at you'll see that it will requires an investment of time.

If people use triggers to circumvent, then that aspect is lost.

that is how i see it.

i think there are plenty of alternatives to the triggers that were in use... i even have a longshot alias which stores direction/mob... works like a charm... as opposed to the auto-fire trigger of old.


they have put in areas, races, skills, and such.  coding still happens.  they replaced stock areas as they are trying to make the game unique.


with all the possibilities open to you in a race/class/god combo...  how can you say we all blur into one?

they didn't give griffon, dragon, troll, sprite to lord.  they basically said if you want these magical and powerful races, from now on you'll have to work hard and sacrifice to attain them.

similar to demonseed, minotar, high-elf, etc...

like they said, some long standing players didn't have sufficient interest in these races to create one when they were openly available.  too bad for them.

its not a boon for lords, if you really want one, plevel a gobo and remort...  the 100xp difference between kob/gob isn't that big of a deal.

imo, some things were nerf'd unjustly.  to deter hard-core players from exploiting or abusing the system but it isn't to the point where those races/classes are useless.

and the game holds plenty of interest, there are new addicts daily and enough incentive for old-timers to stick around.  i mean why telnet to a game when you have instant messaging and e-mail?