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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Carduus

Coming off of an almost 5-year tenure with muds, Otherspace shocked me in ways I couldn't imagine.  

The admins actually running complex plots? Amazing!  No need for the illogical and often boring struggle for levels in hack and slash? Very nice. Not restricted by mobcode or mob stores? Fascinating.  But, as I've looked at other mushes in my tenure here, I've learned that many of  the good ones have those things.

So where does Otherspace differ from the other top mushes?  

Maturity. A good number of the players really know how to rp well, are motivated to create their own plots, and we have very few twinks.

Admins.  Plots are complex, compelling, and as true-to-life as sci-fi gets. Admins are helpful yet commanding respect, fun-loving yet responsible.  And they certainly aren't afraid to do (literally) world shattering events.

Atmosphere. A place where you can talk about your disagreements civilly without people going psycho. People from all over the globe with a variety of opinions grace the place. Women come on in decent numbers.

Okay, in all, it's a nice place. Nice website ( with lotsa info, nice players, nice admins.
Log in at
telnet:// :1790
and talk with people about it. I'm sure you'll agree.