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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Walls that can Talk

I've played Avatar for quite a long time, probably since 97 sometime.  I will not give my real player name here as it will usually be held against me for writing a review that doesn't make Avatar seem like the poster boy for Muds.  Anyway with that said time to start reviewing

From what is stated in the Mud Synopsis for Avatar, it's not all really true.  When first logging on to avatar, you'll notice the average players online is roughly around 60.  There may be more then this, but to a newbie who reads the synopsis here on TMC they'll be dissapointed cause many of the upper players are invisible.  As for the world size, 20001 + rooms is not exactly true either.  I can say I have played most levels of this game, and there is no way there is 20001+ rooms.  Even though i've never counted them, I would guess there is roughly 8-11k rooms.  As for role playing, they say it's encouraged, but after playing a while, roleplaying has a great tendency to get you in a lot of trouble.  I've seen this happen with many players, luckily though, not myself.  Multiclassing true, but not in how most people will define it.  Basically after you reach hero level 101, as for a very few select spells per class, ever class gets all the spells.  (Can't remeber the last time you've ever seen a giant warrior try and cast identify or burning hands).  Characters no long have to be validated as it says they do.  I later scrolled down to read the description and stopped after the first paragraph and though to myself "What lies".  The staff has been quite known to wipe pfiles at a whim cause an imm might have a toothache or something, changes managment constantly (or at least keeps adding new managers and never getting rid of stagnant ones).  The mud has become quite an uncomfortable social enviornment cause you always have to walk on eggshells around everyone to makesure your not becoming a high maintence player.  As for a staff that dissapears (at least that's what i think they're trying to say) What staff.  Log on there you'll be lucky to find more than two imms on at any given time even though thier wizlist shows close to 30+ imms.  As for seeing 140 players on, will never happen for a player till they reach the final tier of Lord.  Even though the description says their's legend and titan, they're non exsistant or not even player accessable.  Now that I cleared up the avatar description posted, i'll move on to some other views.

You'll read many of the reviews here and get a bunch of conflicting opinions, and i'm sure this review is part of them.  But you'll notice most bad reviews are followed up by an Avatar staff memeber trying to refute everything in a bad review.  I'm sure this one will probably get it from a staff member at some point (Immortal, Staff, Angel, and Archangel are considered avatar staff)  As for the reality of it.  It seems to be a mud full of empty promises for development.  You'll hear things such as "Staff is currently discussing this matter" or somthing like, "Don't worry about it, imms are working on that matter as we speak" or a blunt "No, it's not what Snikt wants"  Whatever the response is, 9 out of 10 times, i'll bet it'll be a discouraging and very vague answer.

You'll hear many of the staff people say feedback is encouraged or what not, but it really isn't.  The only opinions that are valued is the already those that are currently on the staff, everyone else according to the staff never has any idea what they are talking about.  AS for I have never built a mud since i have no coding skills whatsoever,  Most people will say and Logical thinking will dictate that you'll want to please the players instead of putting them down all time if you want the mud to grow. It's players that make a mud, not the code that runs it.  IF you don't have players, you really don't have a mud if you think about it.  You'll probably even here the excuse that the mud is just going through another one of it's phases.  The only phase this mud has seen recently is a downward spiral.  

Anyway I'll give this mud some credit though, as for it's newbie system and it's ability to get players accustomed to the mud, this place definately excels.  The mudschool or learning area is very informative about how to navigate the mud and such and is VERY newbie friendly.

However, don't let my opinion dissuade you from stoping in and trying it.  If your new to mudding and never mudded before, stop here first since it's a very good place to learn basic mud comands and logistics.  But i wouldn't suggest staying for too long cause it'll cause you more stress then pleasure.