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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by The Mud Critic

This mud is still in operation? I’m awe struck. The immortals must have you whimpering under their god-like grandeur . Do yourself a favor and delete and move on to bigger and better muds. This mud is nothing but an ignorant army of immortals, and constant let down. The policy here is balance. Unfortunately these justice scales only tip one way, and that is in favor of the arrogant staff. If something positive is add then it is balanced with something negative. If something negative is added, they don’t balance it with positive. In the end, the mud has turned into a justice system designed by Hitler, “Don’t like… tough shit”.

This mud has an inverted leveling system. The bigger you get, the more worthless your character becomes. It is the main reason most on this mud stick to lower levels. Also in higher tiers, such as lord, count on overwhelmingly long battles that you are forced to group with several others, and after a good solid two hours of play expect little to zero xp and, most likely, negative xp. All that combined with twenty group members bitching, ten staff members mongering, and one raging headache lingering, you’ll log off irritable majority of the time.

I’d say the plus sides on this mud but the down side is like an avalanche of turmoil. Ego balloted immortals, miss treatment, and pretty much the “I don’t care” syndrome plagues the entire mud. If your not jailed, banned, or harassed by time you hit lord you’ve already beaten the odds.

I would also completely disregard the Avatar MUD description in the Database. It’s very old and outdated. The only HOGathons you’ll see on a regular basis are the players that camp gear all day.

This mud is catered to the staff not the player. I’d almost compare this mud to a psychology experiment that exposed people to deprivation and misery. My evaluation is… they must love it. LOG OFF already, I promise there is much better, more dynamic, muds around.

Time to jump ship cause this tugboat is sinking fast!

The Mud Critic