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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Alia Singer

When I first tried this mud I was at first captivated by two things. The interesting skill system and the quick levelling that let me explore it. The skill system can be explained as such:

Classes: Fgt Cle Rog Dru Wiz Sor Nnj Sha Pal BGd Rng Brd
Magical Spheres : fire water wind earth energy quasi divine demonic metamagic
Physical Spheres: mar_art tactics weapon_tech weapon_arcana ranged

Each class has 20 skills/spells that only they have.
Then there's the other skills which are divided into two "skill trees" magical and physical. At creation you get 5 creation points that you put into these.
(classes have base requirements but from there the choice is yours)

In each of the trees there are several spheres, for example tactics. In each sphere there are 5 levels and in each level 5 skills/spells. (So there are 590 skills/spells) How many creation points you put into the skill tree determines how many levels you can get in any one of it's spheres. You also get to focus in one sphere in your main skill tree which allows you to get all five levels in it. Adding towards making character be more unique.

That people are nice and friendly is something I take for granted in a mud otherwise I'm out. As a player I see myself as a resource to whoever has the mud, noting about bugs, coming up with suggestions and helping new players once i get settled in.  Paelyn who takes care of most quests and such is very active, there are usually atleast two quests run every day. The main issue I have about the players is that: 1. Too few europeans  and 2. Instead of 25 -30 people during peak hours I would like to see 50 - 60.

One thing I liked on my first login was while i was still exploring the basics of the game not only did an imm show up to ask if I needed any help. But I when I said I just wanted to explore on my own she didn't show the least sign of annoyance (I've had an issue with "forced" helped during my mudding days often.)

One thing not so great about the place is the roleplay. I'm not saying it doesn't exist as in most mud. Also you can't expect any non MUSH to have the same standards as they have. However I myself have during my mudding days gotten used to emote roleplaying, which some might agree is good and others might not like at all. The pk'ers have set the trend here to RP on the ingame rp board through notes.

This means there is often a ton of amusing notes to read but I hope to break this trend. The main rp plot is on the hold right now, but a couple of players have showed interest in more intense Rp (while others who don't care are free to do so).

When you first login to the mud you are warned about foul language etc. This is both a good and a bad thing, only once or twice during my two and a half months here have I actually seen a use of words which I wish I hadn't. But seriously are you supposed to ban someone from saying 'damn damn F F F' when they got killed due to their own mistake. The main issue isn't the foul language, 'it's that you are more or less free to voice your opinion. No I don't mean you are allowed here and promote the Nazis as such.

I saw a review that Maha Vali posted about something saying something negative about his religion. I don't know what caused his predicament but I do know I'm allowed to discuss why I think for example religion is crap or not crap. My point is it's a freedom.

Ok enough of the negative stuff for awhile. A cool feature is that you can with metallurgy fuse ores into metalls, and make better and better alloys. When you're satisfied you can then make your own armor and weapons out of the block of ore. With magic you can not only conjure up, rings amulets and iounstones. There is a easy (yet a bit hard to grasp at first) quick system to modify the items with a high level wizard. To metacraft. This let's you alter items you find.
"Let's get rid of that int bonus on this helm and add some strength instead, add some damage too, and some resist and we are set".
There is a fine system of power points that each item can have which is based on the items level. And their are forumulas to how much powerpoint each stuff costs. A nice thing is that damage for example costs a lot less if you put it on a weapon.

The help files are a bit dated so feel free to ask many questions, I asked a lot of them and always got help. Many people complain about the slow healing in the game, the fact is most people goto the healer to heal or later in the game you have healing spells/skills. Occasionally a legend player acts as a healer.

The game let's you have three npk character on at once or one pk character. But you might aswell just have one character and group with someone. For beginners it's quite neat, cause at recall there is  a portal which leads you back just outside newbie school, the main square where people gather to socialize, and most important of all the library. In the library you can enter the books to goto different areas.

Clans are player based and player driven, at the moment one of the largest clans just disbanded so hopefully a few new will be born out of it :)

If you decide to give it a try, and need anything I would be glad to lend you a hand! Oh and last of all, for female players there is no need to pick a male character so that all the teenagers won't bother you. We already have quite a few girls/women in here and if someone would bother you just tell the imms and they will act out. Have seen it ocne during my time here.

Alia - Head Metamagician, Crafter's Guild
aka Zrilea