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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Aelmon

Avatar is focused on grouping. Soloing is easy for the first few levels and then becomes harder until you're a buff hero. Soloing is not only virtually impossible but also outlawed in the lord tier. So, you need to be a somewhat social person or like challenges to enjoy this MUD. Many people do not seem to grasp this. If you don't like grouping, play another MUD! Also, Avatar is a family MUD and will not allow worse words than "darn" on public channels. This seems to be another thing some people can't understand. Again, if you need to curse, play another MUD! (I'd personally rather try to improve my vocabulary)

In response to the guy who walks into walls (or was it talks?):
As for feedback not being accepted.. heh, get real! Avatar has an idea command players are welcome to use. The output is sent weekly to one of the imms who goes through the whole list which consists of a few useful ideas, some mistyped identifies and lots of whining and then sends it all to the forum mailing list where subscribed players can see which ideas were approved and which ones weren't. Many of these ideas are along the lines of "give archers the vital shot skill rogues have, but give it another name" or "make very_good_spell_1 have the same duration as mediocre_spell_5" or "rename quickstrike to circle, because that's the name it has in all the stock muds". Basically, very unoriginal, pointless or give-me-something-for-nothing. It's not all that surprising that the imm in question sometimes doesn't want to type more than "no" in response to these.

On to roleplaying.. I've mostly seen roleplaying used as an excuse for being a bully or tricking newbies into harm. Try roleplaying a good, or at least neutral person and you might get better results. Or if you go evil, remember that evil isn't a synonym for rude or a good excuse to break rules or harass people.
I don't see many players roleplay at avatar, though, so if that's what you're seeking, you should probably look elsewhere.

For the newbie trying to pick a first MUD: Don't worry if you don't like all the immortals. Just don't be rude to them and you will be fine. I SERIOUSLY doubt you'll ever find a MUD where you'll love them all, unless you run it yourself. I don't like all the imms at Avatar, I don't even like all the angels. I didn't like all the people in my high school class either. Did you?

If you're looking for a newbie-friendly family hack'n slash MUD with custom questing/trivia events, go play Avatar. If you're looking for some twinkmud where you'll get godly powers at lvl 10, go away. :P

Note: I currently play at 3 MUDs and have tried many else. Avatar isn't the first one I've tried so you can hardly claim my opinion is due to Avatar being the only MUD I've ever played at.

Note 2: Yeah, Aelmon is a mob. So what? He's kind'a cuddly.