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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by mansa!

This is a role-play mud.  You write up a character, think of the background that they have lived through, pick a general 'guild' that has a certain skillset, and pick the race, and step into the harsh desert world of Zalanthas.

And then you do whatever you want to do, within the game world.  You want to become a mercenary, and do good and bad stuff for money?  Sure!  There's that option.  You want to become a merchant, or perhaps have some skill in creating goods to sell?  You could do that too.  Do you want to be a pickpocket, wandering the streets to find an easy mark, then when the moment is right, steal that pouch of coins, or perhaps that shiny dagger off that noble's guard.  You could do that.

There are no levels.  There are skills.  After using the skills for a while, you slowly become better at what you do.  Eventually, you might branch into another skill.

It's set in a world inspired by the Darksun world, but has bits from Dune, and other such great novels.

I thought I'd write of more things to do.  Be a spice dealer in the shady parts of town, avoiding the citystate's soldiers and templars.  Be a magicker and avoid everybody, because magick is rare and feared among the population.  Who knows, if you state that you're a magicker in Tuluk, the whole tavern might get up and riot.

There is two main citystates, Tuluk and Allanak, which are constantly at war with each other.  

The game is 'down' on saturday morning and afternoon, so that the immortals of the game can 'update' and 'fix' any problems that occured over the week.   Or, for example, you set fire to one of the tavern's in a city.  Keeping communication with the immortals over what you've done will result in that tavern having a 'new' description when the game comes up, at 8 p.m. est saturday night, of a 'burnt out tavern'.

Since when have you had -that- kind of control of the world around you, in a MUD?

It's a highly modified DIKU MUD, with an Original world.  Peek times in North America give around 55-65 players.  I'm guessing peek times is 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. EST.

I think this year, so far, the lowest I've ever seen was 16 people online, and that was at 10 a.m. in the morning.

The 'who' command only gives you a number of people online.  There are no 'gossip' channels.

What else is there to know?

Ahh.  Death.  Once you die, (after the 2 hour limit) you have to start anew.  Permideath.

Sometimes, people are rude to your character.  And mean.  And sometimes people hate your character, in the game world.  That's all how -they- are role-playing their character.  Ahh, isn't it refreshing to have someone hate your character for something silly.  No hippies.  It's a harsh desert theme, with Sorcerer Kings and Mekillots and Sand Worms and Spice.  Come join in the fun.