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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Paelyn

There are so many good things I can say about Arcane Nites! I began playing here in 1999 as a total newbie to mudding. Through all the changes in my life since then, AN has become like a family to me.  I have popped in on some other muds to see if I was missing anything, but in my opinion, nothing compares. Some of the features that makes Arcane Nites the best MUD out there

* Friendly players and Immortal staff. I am currently an Immortal and it surprises me when new players come on and are shocked that the Imms actually welcome and interact with the players. We Immortals are approachable and love to hear from and get to know the players. Many players are also readily available to help new people with questions. There is even a clan that caters
to helping its members level up and become great. Most people who come here find themselves feeling at home within a short period of time.

* A creator who works endlessly to make Arcane Nites a great place to play! The creator and coder, Cynthal, listens to player suggestions. He even holds mortal meetings so that the players can discuss with him their ideas and feelings about AN.

* An awesome system for customizing your character. In addition to having spells and skills for your chosen class, you choose how you want to allot your sphere points. For example, you could be a ninja who has 4 physical points and one magical. Then, within these sphere points, there are different specialties to choose from such as weapon making, battle tactics, elemental spheres and more. There are so many ways you can play a character that it really gives you a chance to set yourself apart.

* There are so many other things that make Arcane Nites great, but why not come see for yourself? One of the Imms will most likely greet you when you arrive, but if not, send me, Paelyn, a tell and I'll give you a welcome gift.