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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Loke the Liesmith.

A couple of years ago I was sitting at home, bored as usual. We had a computer in our family, the jinx with that one was that it was locked so you couldn't install any software. After a while I remembered that I had seen some guys playing something they called 'MUD', at the local library where I live. I had close to no idea what it was, except that it was a text-scrolling roleplaying-type game. I thought that I could give it a try, so I gave the old dial-up modem a pat on the back and after a couple of minutes I was searching the web for this 'MUD' thing. The details have faded from memory, but all of a sudden I had found my way into Midnight Sun. I checked out the website,, and later connected to the game itself. And there I was, standing at the square of arrivals. The first thing I saw was a person giving 10000 coins to another person, and I was amazed! I instantly felt that I wanted to be so powerful that I could get my hands on 10000 coins! I studied the help files for a while, finding everything well organized so I had no difficulties learning the basic commands. I ventured northward in the realms in the search for some prey, and found something called 'The newbie forest'. It was filled with various animals and other kills that were suitable for low levels (but ack, beware the goose!). In there I encountered another player, who actually had a sword! I remember it very well, he had a mist sword. We started talking for a bit and I was very curious as to where he had gotten it from. It was then that he told me about the guilds under the neversetting sun. Instantly I knew that in order to gain power and 10000 coins, I had to join one. Tentatively I asked around a bit, and soon I found my way to the priest guild. Here I encountered my first quest! Apparently, in order to join a guild you had to solve a miniature quest, which is imho a nice introduction to the problem-solving that you'll face in the latter quests of MS. Once I had completed the quest and was a worthy member of the guild, I began to talk a little on the guildchannel with my fellow priests. The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was, I was given an as thourough as I wanted introduction to the guild, and a little basic information about the mud in whole.

As I slowly began raising a couple of levels, the fun kicked in. I was so proud when I killed that sprite, and that python! Thinking back on it, the most enjoyable days were probably the ones when I was online for only 1hr every 2 days, not 10hrs/day as I've been the last year due to broadband. I'm not sure what it is that has made me so addicted to Midnight Sun, the people? the hunting? the atmosphere? It's most likely a mixture of it all, but also a hint of magic. For there truly is something magical about it. There have been times when I have not even played, or struck a single key down on my keyboard. I've just observed what's happened around me, listened to other peoples conversations, grinned to other peoples jokes. When you've been around a while as I have, you really begin to notice what a family it all is. And what an addiction ;)

I've tried some other muds, mostly in periods when I felt that I wanted to try something new or when MS was down for some reason. But they just never got me hooked. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't like to create a character, going through a numberfilled process, to enter the game in some 'newbiehall' that filled with 'challenges' and goals before you can enter the real world. Every second you are spammed from 'the global channel', 'the roleplay channel', 'the chat channel'. 'the newbie channel', 'the other annoying spam', 'the merchant channel' etc. If you like me, prefer it clean and simple, yet filled with life and atmosphere and everything, you really ought to give Midnight Sun a try. I promise you wont forget it!