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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Salion of the Tuath Fiana

One day I was surfing the web, as often happens when at work and bored, and I came across a mud. Previously I had played a number of offline and online games but had never really heard of such a thing as a mud. Coming from a gaming background, mainly of Ad&D, in the form of visiting a GM ever friday night for the majority of my teenage years, I have always been intruiged with the worlds of fantasy and wizardry. I was searching I believe for +fantasy +games +free and I found a link to zuggsoft, after careful scrolling down the list and attempting connection to a couple of sites, I came across a place, now known as Materia Magica and I was hooked. I think after two years of enjoying and playing this online world I am qualified to say that it has relieved me from my sorry existance on a number of occasions. I guess for the first few weeks I was curious as to why it could hold my attention, the next few months I felt the same, 2 years later I still hold the same curiosity. I have narrowed it down to this... The game is constantly changing, morphing into something that is realistic and fascinating. The challenges are constant and it hold the same addiction that it did for me two years ago. I think when you find such a place it is hard to sum up in a few words,  I suggest you try it and see what you think. From helpful immortals and guides to challenging areas and skill devolopement it still captures my intrest two years on.

If you do come and see what it is like, I invite you to ask me or any of my clan members for help/guidence.

Queen Salion Of Tuath Fiana
clan list 1)