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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Dragrin

This is truly a great mud. When I started playing, I was a *bit* confused, but I got the hang of it and was almost immediately addicted. The combat system is great as well. And also, a little mini-map comes up to the left of the area description text everytime you move; I find this VERY useful, as so do others probably do too.

You may also join guilds as well which is very awesome. The fact that the admins/caretakers only tend to certain things and enable YOU, the player to hold power within the game makes this mud even better. That is something a lot of other muds don't let you do, and I personally think that rocks, =).

Also, when different information is put upon the screen, it is in a different colour which helps. As mentioned earlier, the majority (95%) of the players are mature.

Well, thats the end of this review. If you just give it a try at LEAST, you will more than likely become addicted and eager to level up.

Go to the site and just check out the different material on there and get a more general idea of what you'll expect in this game and then click at the top on the 'Start Adventuring!' and play!

For me, I chose the second option to download the client and play it right on my computer  located on my desktop to play it right from home. ^-^