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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by jmordetsky

I hate this game....

It causes me intense pain, anguish, suffering and has been the largest contributor to the overall degradation of whatever semblence of a RL life I once had.

I'm hopelessly addicted and have told myself I would stop playing 3 times already this year.

This game is the the china white of the roleplaying world, and I urge you to seriously consider that once you start playing you're going to waste away like a drug addicted fiend.

When your not playing, you'll wish you were. You're going to think about it at work, tell your friends, tell your family, tell strangers, tell anyone that will listen. When you're going have armageddon dreams.

My life revolves around this game in ways my therapist and I are only starting the understand. I *chose* my current profession in AI 4 yrs ago because of this game. I got my girlfriend addicted, she didn't know what MUD was and now she's worse off then me.

So let me tell you what I think about this game.... if you like muds, and you like RPGs, you like mushes whatever. You're done....if you play all those others are over, kapoot, finito, fait, hecho, Gemacht, fatto.

This is the grand-poobah baby, the proverbial mother-load, the dogs balls, the big daddy, the shit, the shiznit, the fucking OMG end all be-fucking-all of the of roleplaying world.

You will never be able to play another online mud/mush/graphic RPG again in your life.

They'll seem to simple, to immature, to easy, to fuzzy, to unrealistic and too lame.

You'll try to leave though,

You'll try another mud, go back to an old one.

You'll check out some different code bases...Oh yea, a circlemud, LPMud, amberMud, whatever...doesn't matter.

You'll scoff at the idea of shouts, tells, yells, chat channels, auctions, and ....(Good God stop the bile from rising in my throat)....a fucking newbie school. (*spits*)

They'll all make you sick, playing another mud will be like drinking a bottle of coors light when you normally do shots of mississippi moonshine. Like smoking a bag of schwag when you've had been on blunts of hydro for the last year.

This is it for you man. This is the red pill. You might as well walk away now and don't look back. Forget you ever heard about this place because once you start their no turning back.

Nah, I'm just playin. You'll be fine. Come on in.