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Reviews Section
Discworld by Oben from Heaven

 This MUD displays the great quality and style that a MUD requires.  It combines enthralling and interesting game play with fun and laughter.  It is based around the excellent novels by Terry Pratchett: The Discworld Novels (obviously).  Saying that it takes place in a mysterious fantasy land would be wrong.  It has been made so real that it is like an alternate reality.  The MUD itself has taken the ideas and concepts of the novels and has made a land anything might just happen to you.  The MUD is a giant place.  In fact giant is wrong.  How about stupendously, enormously, unnaturally large.  There are whole continents to explore in this realm, each with towns and cities, each city with buildings and homes in them, each building with many rooms, each room with people, things and other things in them.  Everyone on the Disc is a friend, willing to help their fellow humans to survive.  Join guilds: Thieves, Wizards, Priests, Witches, Warriors or Assassins.  Buy and sell weapons and magic items.  Fight all types of different species.  Interact with players from all over the world.  But most importantly, enjoy the darn place.

 The Discworld MUD has provided all the elements needed to keep a MUD interesting.  It has anything that the next best MUD has: fighting, interaction with the environment, excellent communication methods, restricted player killing, coding and editing for your own needs.  The MUD has removed all the things that get annoying and tedious, like eating things, sleeping and anything that players don't want.  Then the creators of the MUD couldn't think of anything else we might 'need' or 'not need' so they added things for our own enjoyment.  Anything you can think of you can get on the Discworld.  There is sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and comedy on the Disc.  If you are tired with your own MUD or want something exciting and new, try this MUD for an amazing experience.

Thankyou for your time.  Oben from Heaven.