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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Umbroso

Just to comment on Zavede's review...

1. The laws on the mud are there for player to player interaction.  The Judges clan is a group of mortals that have very specific rules they must follow to use their powers.  Personally, I prefer that mortals have the power rather than immortals to uphold the RP laws.  But if we wanted to we could always change it to an immortal running that aspect.

2. According to the logs Zavebe, you played for all of a few mins and complained then deleted on your own. This is interesting as you have to set yourself PK on this mud.

I have played on Dawn for over a year and a half both as a mortal and currently as an immortal.  I have enjoyed it immensely and have recommended it to many of my friends who are active on Dawn now.  We have an optional PK system (you choose if you want to join PK but the choice is irrevokable.) We have a very good and constantly updated help system, many unique areas (with more coming out frequently), and a nice stable JAVA based code.

Feel free to come on and ask me any questions if I am on or email me at