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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
City of Ages by Wardrock

First I would like to say that I am one of those players that doesnt like normal MUD's, ones that have you doing the same things over and over again, and then you hit your max and your pretty much done as far as leveling goes, then you can hopefully get some equipment to make yourself a little better. But there is always someone better.

Not here. I like the fact that there is no limit to your leveling. Also, there is no variance in starting stats, your race gives you your base stats and you have to better them yourself via equipment and weapons, (which based on glory, you can make and improve on yourself). I havnt been on this mud very long, but everyone in there so far is very helpful.

Another thing I dont like much is how if you ask something over the OOC channel, you have to keep asking and asking, even if its for basic help.  NOT HERE.  There are plenty of people around at anytime to help.

If you get the bug to create areas, youcan do it, and you will be rewarded with glory. or you can just run around killing things and leveling, or you can increase your stats and quest all day.

Basically, all I am saying is this. If you want something different that has never been done or seen before, or if you want something where you can run around and be a warrior or a mage, yet have the ability to beam down from your starship as well, give it a try. If you like the same old stuff that your used to and prefer staying in your safe little world and never experience change in any way, have a nice day!

Try it, I dare you. After all, one man's magic is another mans technology. Come find out why!