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Reviews Section
Genocide by Cory Sikora

I have just re-started playing Genocide, and I think they should have a big sign on the log-in that says "Geniuses only".  To be at all successful you have to have memorized 10-15 different areas of 150-250 rooms in each, as well as be able to find someone wandering around in them.  The strategy and tactics are unparalleled in the gaming community.  The scroll in a war requires exceptional speed-reading skills to pick out pertinent data, you have to be able to type in the 80+ wpm range, as generally you are hitting 'enter' 300-400 times a minute.  Just like training for a marathon is an exercise for the body, playing/learning genocide is an exercise for the mind!  If you love to make maps and try out hundreds of race/class combinations then you might do 'okay'.