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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Ella (Sorcerer)

I've never been one to quickly pick up on MUDs.. and I've been around to a lot of them.. I've hit most of the current top ten.. and I can honestly say that Midnight Sun is truly remarkable.. and so entiely diffent than any other MUD.. it's not always the big things.. sometimes it's the little things.. for example.. I've always hated movement points.. how it costs to move from room to room.. in Midnight Sun you can move as quick as you want as often as you want with nothing stopping you .. and I who love to more around at my own pace.. not a predestined face take full advantage of this.. movement also never prohibits you from fleeing a room.. letting you kill up until the last possible moment and not die.. and still be able to escape too hard fights.. And the way your health is shown.. in bars of color instead of words.. makes it easier for you to keep track of when your getting in over your head.. I can't expect you to be hooked as soon as you join.. it isn't like most muds.. you have to find the newbie forest on your own.. but a simple tell to anyone and they'll guide you so far and come and find you if you get lost.. these people are rigid and don't look down on you.. I who's incredibly shy can even find friends among this group.. this isn't just a mud.. it's a reality.. a family.. in which all events are shared.. these people are friendly real and have a sense of humor that can make anyone smile.. the rooms are thoughtfully constructed with descriptions that make you feel so part of the environment.. quests for all degrees of knowledge and ability.. how could you not want to at least try? When something gets such wonderful support from all those who stay long enough to experience.. there is no long character making process and you can switch what you are as many times as you want.. find a you that you cna never have in real life.. and meet someone that can put a smile on your face.. if you try seek me out.. I'll help you out or find someone who can.. just as others helped me
Play Midnight Sun not for a game.. but for the new reality it creates..