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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Crom

We've added a few more races (albeit more novelty than powerful) and a few more classes available for our remort system.  We've continued to update helps, socials, poses, and added a few dozen skills and spells recently.  There have been way too many additions within the past 2-4 months to list. See ( for our Closed Tasks.)

Although some changes have been negative, we have had significant gains in many areas and there seems to be a revitalization of AVATAR within the past 6 months.  As our new Quest, Design, Builder, and soon to be created Web Staff develop more, expect to see even more enhancements in and outside the game of AVATAR.

We continue to head the right direction and with 90-150 players online, there is no shortage of social life for those new players out there.  We continue to develop and head towards a diverse and entertaining game.  To forstall criticisms, I agree that we are not the best mud out there. We're trying to get better, however, and with our player driven idea system of design, we'll get there.

Crom - Design Coordinator
Avatar MUD