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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Light310

I just found this game a few weeks ago, and I really like it. My character is still low-level, and I myself am still learning about the game... yet despite these things, I enjoy the game very much. The game is very fun in its own right, but the sheer number of players really adds to the experience. The game isn't crowded, because the world is vast... but there are enough people who play that it keeps things interesting. Even while your character is weak, you can still make a difference in this game. Example: my character is only level 12, but I have saved quite a few people's lives in the game (both by healing/buffing and also by directly intervening when they were badly overmatched). The game is not easy for new players... but this is alleviated by the Newbie Council (people who spend most of their time online just helping out newbies) and also by average people who are kind enough to answer questions and help with CRs (Corpse Retrievals). This is by far the best MUD with the friendliest players that I have ever played online.