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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by mansa

There was a recent event in the world of Zalanthas.  But the interesting thing is that the game had a population cap of 160 players.  And they reached it.  Sure, the two cities were attacked and lots of people had their characters die in this PermaDeath world of ArmageddonMUD, but I'm sure they all had some fun that day.

Lately, during the regular Peak Times of 8 p.m. EST to 12 p.m. EST I've been noticing around 70 players online.  We've been growing slowly, but it's ArmageddonMUD.  It's a harsh desert world that has an incredibly hard learning curve.

Of course, this MUD isn't for everybody.  It has the unique spot of being a role-play enforced diku-based MUD.  One of a few out there that seem to have a niche in the online world that doesn't seem to be disappearing with the later generations of Massive Multiplaying Online Role-Playing Games like World of Warcraft, City of Heros, and Final Fantasy XI.  Check it out the other reviews posted about this MUD for more information about this game.