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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Vigilante

Midnight Sun is a medieval fantasy mud that's simple to learn yet amazingly complex to play.  The basic theme is straightforward and direct: no complex race or class selection, political systems or "one-time only" decisions to be made.  A new character is ready to go the moment it's created.

MS is based on a guild system, each offering its own unique style of play.  The guilds have good depth to them, and place an emphasis on thematic development so that each one "feels" different to play.  Changing guilds is always allowed, so any time a player gets the urge to try something new, the option is always available.

MS offers a wide variety of playing styles, allowing each user to customize his/her character.  Every step of advancement is completely under player control, without
any hard requirements on what a given guild forces a player to have.  As a result, there are literally limitless small and large variations a player can try in the guild of his/her choice to become exactly the character he/she wants.

MS's wide-open gameplay allows players to choose a path best suited to what he/she wants to do.  There are plenty of monsters just waiting to be engaged, offering a challenge for players of any level.  There's also an extensive list of quests that can be undertaken by players of all levels, offering unique challenges for combat skills and puzzle-solving abilities.  However, none of the quests are required to be undertaken; they simply offer another avenue for exploration and character advancement.

MS is a "small" mud in population, maintaining a community atmosphere.  The players are generally helpful and talkative, and the absence of playerkilling allows everyone to relax and enjoy the game the way they see fit.  If you want to become the most powerful player ever, you can.  If you'd rather become legendary for your quest-solving prowess, you can do that as well.  And if you just want to talk to some interesting people or find out what's over the next hill, you can do that as well.

MS itself runs on a nearly flawless platform.  With an uptime in excess of 99%, game outages are noteworthy for their extreme rarity.  So, any time you want, you can log in and enjoy what
the game has to offer.  The administration staff is very open about its policies and plans and takes the time to explain its vision for the future of MS.  It's also shown itself willing
to listen to players' suggestions and concerns and take them into consideration as it plans MS's continued evolution.  Area developers release regular updates to expand the realm for
players to explore, adding new monsters, quests, and challenges to discover.

Still want more?  Open gameplay, widely-varied guilds, completely customizable advancement strategies, huge selection of quests, and great people to meet aren't enough for you?  Well I've barely scratched the surface of what you can see, do, and learn.  So come on by and discover for yourself what you can find under a never-setting sun.

Game: telnet://