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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by ShaLeah


She hated him. She truly hated most people but she had a tendency to loathe anyone with whom she couldn't be herself and he definately had no clue as to who she really was behind the pristine white garb, her immaculate manners... the dulcet voice. She hated the way he looked at her, the way he spoke of their future, his memory of another... the vile magicks that coursed through his veins like persistent poison that makes your death achingly slow. They courted anyway because that is what she did, she followed through on her facades no matter what.

Among her annoyances was that he really didn't love her, that he was still pining for another, one that was long and very publicly dead but her biggest displeasure was his employer. He worked for one of the city templars, a woman given power and magicks by the Highlord himself that act as his tightening grip on the throat of His people. She had already tested his loyalty and knew that he realized he was a slave... she would be his savior, templar or not, and in the process gain a powerful ally. She didn't like to lose.

How does the story end? I could tell you but I will not for I am hoping the next person my character betrays, or befriends, is yours.

I want your hands shaking with adrenaline.
I want you to feel the heart ache of loss and the joy of triumph.
I want your hatred to consume you.
I want you to live another life and feel so much a part of it that you believe...

Come and join Armageddon Mud, I guarantee you'll never want to be anywhere else.