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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by godkarma

As I was sitting here reading Armageddons discussion board I realized how many ‘rare’ things I have been fortunate enough to role play through. Then, it occurred to me that it has been a pretty long time since I have written a review for Armageddon so here goes a short one.

I am by far not one of the oldest Arm players out there, some of the dedicated players have been around since the days when it was a h&s, Armageddon has come a -very- long way since then.
I have been mudding since I knew what Telnet was and I got my hands on an uber-fast apple 2 computer. I have played a rather wide variety of MUDs and I think I have given all of the usual top ten a shot. I have always been a tabletop role play fan and always looked for that in a MUD but was never able to find that...real feeling. I searched for years before coming across Armageddon and when I did I finally found what I was looking for. 95% of the features I ever wanted in a MUD all in one game for once. Armageddon supports ‘hard core’ role wont find people walking around whacking townspeople for experience like they are mindless targets (without being seen as a murderer and dealt with properly at least). Here, unlike so many other muds, role play is not limited to talking like Tarzan. I hate to sound negative but when I try another mud that calls itself ‘RP’ I honestly feel sick now that I have played Armageddon.

The Armageddon experience is like no other and I feel privileged and lucky to have found it and to have been a part of the community for the last four or so years. The players and staff really make the world go ‘round. As a majority, the Imms in Armageddon are great. They are not on some power trip or treat the players like they are better then them. The players are top notch and each contribute greatly to a world that feels so real.

Everyone, including the staff, often say that Armageddon is not newbie friendly. I disagree. Armageddon is not newbie friendly to the average newbie. But for the new player that takes time to read the documentation and is looking for a real role play experience, Armageddon is bliss.

The best mud I have ever played and no mud that I have played can even hold a candle to it.
Thanks for the years of fun passed and to come to the staff and players of Armageddon, I really do appreciate you.

-The Lonely Hunter