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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Next

While Armageddon has, in the past, proven to be a highly enjoyable MUD, in it's present state, it can no longer hold up to the model of RP and game play that it was before.

The main issue now revolves around a new influx of new players into the game. In the last few months, a few dozen new players have joined the game, bringing player numbers near the high ninties during peak hours. Although new players are always a welcome addition to any online game, it has become more and more obvious that Armageddon MUD is not capable of supporting such a player base.

With the increase of new players, the mud now experiences extreme lag even during off-peak hours for some reason. The problem has increased to the point where some characters can no longer hunt, steal, or do anything that may result in combat with an NPC for fear that the lag will prevent the player from inputing a flee or draw weapon command, which would result in death. Even general movement has suffered. Though there has always been a movement delay built into the game, the walk delay now last a good three to five seconds; the sneak command takes even longer.

Besides the lag problem, the sudden increase of players has resulted in a large set of players who are completely unaware of the mechanics of the game. In the past, new players arrived gradually, allowing more experienced players to "teach" them the game. With a rush of new players, the game has become filled with characters who don't understand the RP nature of the MUD, abusing their skills and trying to power-game their way to sucess. I recently watched a newbie sit one room away from an npc and throw knives at the npc, go into the npc's room to retrieve the knives, run back to his room, and re-throw the knives until the npc died. There are also more players than ever who don't make use of emotes (a tool that can be used to describe what the character is doing, ie. The man limps slowly up to you). It is not impossible now to see someone sit down a sack of materials and craft for a full ingame day without utilizing a single emote. Many players strive only to advance their skills through repition, something that,in the past, would have been noticed by an immortal, but now slips through the cracks. At it's current rate, the quality of Armageddon MUD will continue to decline until it is no longer worth playing.