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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Motivator

I would like to start off stating that I have played Tsunami off and on for about 10 years.  I was first introduced to MUDDs about 11 years ago.  I have played 100s of MUDDs I have invested over 5000 hours into these types of games.  

I would like to start by saying that Tsunami is unique to the MUDD world.  What makes it unique is it's PVP system.  Every 5 hours (approx) the server reboots and allows players to play a full out war/pvp match to test your skill, knowledge of the game, and your characters abilities.  As rewards for winning and killing your friends and enemies you get exp that you can use in the "real game".  Now if this is not enough tsunami and an alt-ego called Warnami inwhich you can war all the time if that is to your liking.  Please note waring doesn't result in exp loose.

In game PVP is not nearly intense.  Granted there are a few bad apples in every bunch and Tsunami has its share.  Just be aware that on occation you risk dieing to another player and know it will happen.  It is part of the game.  However the current PVP system is under review.  In addition the game is "newbie safe" at least until level 6.  

Max level for this game is 19 and normally takes about 300ish hours to obtain this level even for the utter newbie.  There are "extra levels" that will allow you to advance as far as you are able... no real cap.  

The player base for the most part is rather friendly.  The wizards are usually willing to help out within reason.  

Personally, I have wiz'ed in the game 2x.  Retiring 2x and have returned multi times over the years after trying out other games.  I enjoy starting over and trying out Tsunami's huge selection of races/classes which are all rather unique. BTW I never added content to the game so no fear.. my coding skills are infamous :)

In a quick summary the good and bad...
Good: PVP Wars, Large selection of unique races (elf, dwarf, human, sleen, etc), Large selection of classes (red dragon, vampire, hydra, druid, chaosmage, mindflayer, ninja, samuri, etc), Large world (lots to explore.. I would suggest mapping the game when you start), ANSI support, New stuff being added all the time

Bad: PVP if you do not like it... this probably is not the MUDD for you.  Large world (again you will want to map your way until you get use to it... like most large MUDDs).  Small player base.. there is normally only about 20ish people on... warnami has times when it has 0.  As a custom LPMud MUDD there will be a learning curve... again like most MUDDs, occational class nurf/class restructuring (this can be good and bad)

All in all... Tsunami is one of the better MUDDs out there.  At the very least I would suggest giving it 1-4 hours to test the waters.  It is truely a diamond in the rough.