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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Sarahjc

As I was searching over the reviews here, something that one person posted struck me as odd. A player had posted that the newbie influx and game lag due to that influx was bringing down the quality of the game's RP. This is something that I have to disagree with 100%. So here are my thoughts on those two topics and what I think myself of Armageddon mud.

Now, though there was a few days about two weeks ago where the game had experienced some what I can only assume are technical difficulties and did have some lag.. this is by no means the norm and over all I would say that the issue was fixed and has nothing to do with the amount of players on line. At peek HPRT time Armageddon has been known to hold upwards of 180 players with little noticeable lag.

That being said I would like to address the issue of new players. Bringing in fresh blood is always a good thing for any Mud, learning curve aside. To me one of Armageddon's strong points is it's karma system and that the staff is selective with special roles and/or certain races and guilds. Armageddon's system brings new players into the world slowly and prevents major abuse by not allowing access to certain roles until the "staff" feels that the player is ready to take on that sort of role. Yes, the volunteer staff does take a very active role. Also by being selective with high profile roles they keep a constant example and structure of what proper and quality RP is, which is very important for Newbies. When I started this game, it was the RP of the players around mine that set the example of what was expected if I wanted to be taken seriously and get involved.

I would not say that Arm is a newbie friendly mud, it can be down right daunting at first. New players can have a hard time getting the hang of things and there is truly an overwhelming about of information to be absorbed about the code, world and mandatory rp involved. I would say that anyone who comes into Armageddon with less than a full effort would have a very difficult time, also that those who come here just to play a H/S game would loose interest rather quickly.  In my opinion all of Arm's charm is truly in the fact that you are playing a "code enhanced role" and you are part of an on going story. The high standards of RP that the Game, the Imm's, and the existing player base have are what makes it so very engrossing. Not everyone is up to par with this, but I think more often than not, newbies will quickly learn what is in store for them and either step up to the RP plate, or decide that this is not the sort of game for them.

At peek times I have seen upwards of 60 players recently.  We all notice the occasional newbie doing something out of character and from what I have seen, the players are always eager to help with an OOC comment here or there, with IC hints or by pulling the Newb off to the side to hold a short OOC conversation away from the main populace as so not to disrupt other peoples play. Though the game world itself is very difficult to get a foothold of, if you are a new player, everywhere you look there is lots of help, from in-game to the volunteer helpers and staff to the players surfing the GDB.

Also just some more thing I would like to add… This is a constant top ten mud on TMS without self promotion or in-game incentives to vote. All the staff is voluntary and just like the players are here for the love of the game.  

With that I as a player welcome all newbies and say, come on in.. the sand is warm and full of horrors...