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Reviews Section
FiranMUX by Pin/Sharik

I have played many games over the years on the net, in the mux realm, Nothing compares to Firan. If your tired of the old hack and slash, want real interaction where your experience and "leveling" for no better term is determined by your fellow players through your Role Play, then Play here.

You enter the game and pick a character, that has already established a history. Thats right, you do not even get to pick your name. Their rules are forth right, no misunderstanding them, which is exciting to always know where you stand.

The IMM's or Wizards, do not interfer in the game other than to make sure RP continues. There is none of the spoofing, or ego's to deal with. Steph and Adam have created a unique game, the players seem to be of a old genre where Role Play is the game, and Help is just a OOC away. I encourage you strongly to visit this game.