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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Samantha Smith

I've spent a lot of time trying to find that "perfect" game, and I knew right away when I started playing on Materia Magica that it was the perfect MUD. Sure, there are arguements, etc, but every good MUD has those, every good MUD is run without making exceptions for everything and everyone. I've seen some pretty bad games where all someone has to do is ask for something, anything at all, and they get it right off the bat (in this instance I'm talking about extra hp or money, or stuff. cheating, etc). MM is not like this, and is it just terrific. I haven't been playing very long, but I'm addicted already. It's a beautiful, well-made game, I commend Vassago and the rest of the staff for doing a terrific job! A well-run game, I recommend is for anyone and everyone who hasn't joined in on the fun yet! And if you don't understand MUDs, I know that the staff is understanding and helpful. I, myself, already knew a bit how to play, but once I found it I got my friends to join, and they don't know zip about MUDs ( sorry Molly, Brette, Nicole, but it is true, and you know it ;) ), but the staff was friendly and helpful to them and to me when I get lost in their world. It's a huge world, intricately made, but not too terribly big, like some MU*s try to be. Those MU*s aren't very good, because most of the staff doesn't know the whole world's layout, much less a whole town. This game deserves every vote it can get. It it truly a unique, beautiful game unto its very own category. Thank you, Vassago, and everyone on the staff, for making a terrific game! - Samantha/Chantilla