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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

First, read Cerdwyn's review here:

Now normally, I would write a lengthy apology for Cerdwyn, explaing something about head trauma and age ;) *duck*

Actually, Cerdwyn speaks for many of us on the staff and the players. AVATAR is more than just a bunch of code, areas and mobprogs. AVATAR is the players.

Log in at any time, and you'll usually see about a hundred players. Some of them are grouped together in very private duos and trios, only grouping the people they count as friends. Other players are looking about for other people to group with. A few might be soloing some of the lowmort areas.

But almost every one of them will stop and chat with you a bit. A joke here, a friendly tease there.

Friends of mine in real life keep talking about Everquest, Ultima Online, etc. All the fancy-schmancy $$ graphical games, and how I just HAVE to try them.

No thanks. AVATAR is all I need. AVATAR is home.

Angel Kenji
The Kzinti Angel