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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by someone scorned

Avatar is an addicting mud, not a great one like others claim. Over countless years I have seen the same players say "I'm retiring" or "I'm deleting" and they do. Within weeks their back again. Same with many who have been jailed. Once you devote time into Avatar it's hard to completly break away. Wether you come for the leveling or chatting it can be a blast.

Now for the other half of the coin.
Scroll back up, see the thing about Retiring, Deleting and Jailing? What is wrong with a mud that drives people to do such things? In many cases people move on, but as stated above, they really don't go far away.

The fact is, there is nothing new to it. While it's supposedly trying to evolve constantly, it's going nowhere. The mud has been stagnant since the Lord Rebuild. Yes there have been new races, classes and skills implemented. But at a very high cost. One example of this was Ranger, the staff did not even try to bring it up to date or even do anything to make it mildly unique. They just killed it off. Over the past year or two the Sorcerer, Priest, Assassin and Archer classes have all been added and have gained all the focus. While the older classes have begun down the same path as ranger.

One of the most blatent Cop Outs has been the remort process. Lords spent years gaining so many levels, the impossible finally became possible and people hit Lord Level 999. The promise of Legend became a possibility. But instead to take the focus off, you now can change to a different and somewhat unique class or race to occupy your time. But ultimately, when their are Lord Level 999 VSL ASN's there will be alot less excuses tolerated by the community.

I could go on and on, but this is enough of a rant for now to satisfy me. Thanks for your time in reading this. You are welcomed in Avatar, just don't expect much.

Oh and for any possible backlash, yes my name isn't revealed because I'm confident speaking out WOULD get me jailed.