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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Steve

I started playing avatar in 1998 or 1999 and like a lot of other players, have lost interest.  I, like others, still keep my character alive, but have found a new home to mud in.  The question becomes, why?

I can't speak for all, but the opinion seems to be the same, the game got boring for the Lord class.  There's two primary reasons for this; It is very difficult to level and there is longer any power associated with Lord.

At Lord level, you are required to enter (or start)large groups in order to go on 'runs'.  These groups can take a long time to start up, where you sit and stare at the screen.  In the past it was possible to go on a mini-run (remeber ice devils?)to occupy your time.  The ability to go out in a smaller group was removed (and maybe for good reason).  

Lords used to have great power when we wandered the low mort realms.  There wasn's a mob we could not kill or gear we could not obtain.  We kept ourselves busy by running a low mort, using our Lord spells to keep them pumped up.  When I was a low mort, the coolest thing was a group member who had a Lord alt.  This too has been removed (maybe for good reason).

I believe the staff of avatar is truely dedicated, who else would do this for no reward. I read here constant complaints of players jailed and banned for no reason, but these are rumers and disgruntled players (perhaps punishment should be posted?.  I log in and see changes to avatar, but the most important, when will the power removed from Lords be replaced in some way - when will something replace the idle time?