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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Amaranthus

I just read the most recent reviews. And well.. I'm stunned. Yes Avatar has rules. What community doesn't? Yes people break those rules, either out of spite, ignorance or because they can. Those that do out of ignorance are forgiven, those that do it out of spite are asked to find a new place to play. But if they come back later, most are given a second chance. Many come back.

Avatar's staff of immortals is not just for coding and building. It's for administration and quests, and helping and .... well the list is unlimited. Everyone one of them is a volunteer. They do not get a dime for their time. They have real life jobs, families, responsibilities.  And they make time for Avatar too.

I guess I'm just tired of people who decide just because someone posts a new review, they have to go post 3 negative ones.

If you want to see what avatar is about, come try us out. Start as level one, go through mudschool, read the help files.

Then make your own decision.  

We'll be glad you came, and hope that you will stay.

Amaranthus caudatus, hero warrior, half-elf maiden.