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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Petrograd

I haven't written any review in over a year, think it would be time again.

This mud is the only one I've wanted to stay on. I've tried about 10 muds in my days, but I can't really say this is greater than the others, because either I got bored at low levels at the others, or levelling was very easy, and then when av, you couldn't do much, because there were hardly any players there (like less than 30 on regularly). So basically, this is my favorite mud, but I haven't tried others much.

What do I like about it? Well, I've tried to enjoy all the mud's different sides, and those are pretty many.

If you like QUESTING, then this mud should be quite nice to you. Imm held quests are done quite often, and many areas have small quests hidden in them (that doesn't give much profit, but still are cool).

The mud is huge, and with many small hidden features, like puzzles, hidden room and mazes, so EXPLORERS can really enjoy the place. Though most people just care about economical things, I have some friends who rather have a cool flower they found in some area, than an expensive plate.

About the ROLEPLAYing... Well, I don't really like how the randomity from the dices can't work in roleplay here, and it's sadly a pretty small community. It's not totally dead though, and some people can make it very fun.

The RUNning is the biggest part of the mud, you go with a group of other players and kill a tough mob. Most people concentrate on this, and loads of mobs are made to suit this. Some people do almost only running for years.

Player-killing... I'd say that's what need most skill. Sadly, the deadly community are mostly filled with the kind of people who are pretty aggressive. I don't like to pk on deadlies myself, mainly because of trashing and the like. (Plus you never know when they backstab you.) Still, many spend most of their time there, and if you learn to play that way (which I obviously haven't - yet) you have alot of enjoyment.

Still I really like to pkill, which I usually do in forested arena with my peaceful warrior. I've died more than I've killed, but that's life when you pk vs players buffer than yourself mostly (or deadlies, who have huge advantages when they pk vs peacefuls there). It is quite costy to learn how to pk, and you die ALOT in the beginning, but it's really fun when you know how to do it, and players are never as predictable as mobs.

However, there are other things to do as well. I've really like to MENTOR new players, or to administrate - lead councils in guilds or similar. Since the game is so huge, it's not hard to find someone who can use your training (and most are happy and grateful too). If you really like this, you can join the Newbie Council which concentrate on helping all the newest players.

If you just like to administrate, you can join The Symposium once you've learned the game, and help it improve for the future.

The organisations are a very big part of the game. There are clans for deadlies (who mostly just gives you a team to fight for), the guilds are usually for newer players, and the orders for more experienced players. That's not how it has to be, some stay long in the guilds and help new people out longer (like me :P). A skilled guild can do anything a decent order can, anyway.

I spend most of my time in one of the guild, and help out and try to make things run smoothly there. Most guilds are pretty similar though, so don't assume you have to go to my guild to find nice friends. I really like to take care of guild matters, and people appriciate what I do too. Just someone saying 'Wow, this guild is so sweet.' can make my day.

There's one part of the game I still don't think is very fun to do, which is the LEVELLING. Some say it's been fun in the past, I don't really know. I never liked it. It's going faster now, I don't know it's because I got better gear and alts to help (who can't help THAT much, though) or if it's just being made easier. It's not impossible to do, just boring usually. Spam this and that kinds of mob, then go here, do this...

Levelling a deadly is much easier, so when I did that, it wasn't fun, but it wasn't really  boring either, because you got somewhere. However, a deadly as your first char is a very bad idea.

Oh, and don't give up this game too easily just because you don't understand all of it... my first language isn't even English, but I've learned quite a bit of my English playing this game, you'll get into it sooner or later.

Don't give up just because you don't get your char authed, many try nasty names so they can be kinda harsh at times. If you run into troubles in the beginning, try reading help files, or contact a NC member (type 'who nc' to see a list of who those are) to help you out.

Good luck! There's alot of pleasure out there, go get it! :)
           /Petrograd, Russia.
            Guildmaster of the Guild of Warriors
            Chieftain of the Olog'Hai.