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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Arkane

Having been a player for over 4 years on SWMud i feel i can safely say that this is one of the best muds in general and in my experience THE best Star Wars Mud in operation to date.  The available number of possible guild choices has grown from 5 to 10 in the last couple of years.  Players are able to choose 3 guilds which leaves the possibilty of many variations from character to character.  The number of skills that can be gained through access to 3 guilds is astonishing and the Jedi guild has some shared and some seperate skills for light and dark jedi.  A player can gain up to 50 levels in his/her primary and secondary guilds while the third guild may only reach 19.  Upon achieving all 3 guilds at level 19, a player may choose to begin a High Mortal quest to achieve special status and the perks that go with it for levels 20-50.  Secondary guilds may also be HM.  In the past couple of years it has become possible for players who are level 50 but not HM to become HM in another way without doing the quest.  HM Jedi may also do a quest to become primary Jedi whereas you may only start the game with Jedi as a secondary.  Another HM jedi quest is to become a teacher so that the Jedi may train other players.  The alignment system on this mud works to also provide variety as you can be rebel, neutral, or imperial and for those who are jedi, light and dark align.  It is entirely possible to have a dark Jedi who fights on the side of the Rebel Alliance.  The admin and the rest of the coding staff commonly referred to as "Wizzes" on this mud are in a constant state of making changes and tweaking the mud for better play and fun.  Bugs are quickly fixed and there is always something new added whether it be a new planet, weapon, ship or NPC.  This mud may not contain as many players as other muds but at any given time i've seen an average of 50-60 players which makes things more personal and friendly.  Player Killing is restricted to those who choose to be registered for it.  The Bounty Hunter and Assassin guilds require that a player be PK while membership to the Diplomat guild prohibits PK.  The mud has always been lacking in a Role Playing sense and actual character development from a storyline point of view, but there are a group of players who do role play and play "missions".  There is even talk about an eventual "Jedi Council" which may bring role playing to a whole new level on this mud.  
Overall, this is the top mud for any true Star Wars Fan looking to play an online game.  By the way, did i mention it is free to play?  The mud is maintained on a voluntary basis and players have never been asked for money for hardware upkeep.  This mud reaches all across the globe and has players from many countries.  If i've been there over 4 years, it's gotta be good.