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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Lilone

Well I have been playing this mud for roughly 2 years now and my take on it so far has been pretty good.  The lowmort levels are fun and there is always something new going on.  After that you move on to hero which can be repetitive if you allow it to be.  But if you go to the same areas killing the same mobs with the same techniques and group makeups I think most would agree when I say what do you really expect?  Lord gets a bit repetetive also.  Shrug hence i don't play lord as much as I used too.  I am hopeful that this changes however I'll be content here for a while without any changes.  Changes are coming around fast of late. and Imm's are around alot more than they were when I first started playing or at least that is my perception.  Anyways I would recommend checking it out and if you don't like it go somewhere else.  My guess is that as long as you don't have to swear on public channels, you don't mind grouping and you aren't going to try and make yourself a real nuisance to the other players constantly you will have a great time.