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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Neeja

Well, what Arkane said pretty much sums it up well in the gameplay aspect of it, so I'll have to find a new angle.  First off, the actual mud itself.  I've been playing for less than a year now (10 months), and it's been a great experience.  The areas are original, but don't deviate from the films/books so much that they're unrecognisable, and this makes the quests seem familiar, and also makes it easier for anyone with a decent amount of Star Wars knowledge to jump right into (first mud I ever played, felt right at home).  The quests themselves are either totally original, or are linked to Star Wars events (such as delivering the Death Star plans to Solo, based on Obi-Wan/Luke trying to get them to Alderaan via Solo).  The amount of quests there are, I don't know because I haven't even found them all yet, let alone started them.
     The Jedi guild, as Arkane said, is probably the most diverse guild on the mud, but also the most powerful.  The question stands though, would you take the quick and easy path of the Dark side, gaining skills like choke at a fairly low level, or take the longer, harder path of the Light side, where you gain healing and defensive skills, most of which are obtained towards L19.
    For a full description of eachof the guilds, go visit the mud's website and look under the 'Guilds' section.
    On a final note, I'd like to make clear just how great the admin are.  Since I started playing in March 2000, 2 new planets have opened, areas have been updated and made larger, and many tweaks to the guilds and already existing NPC have been made.They've made what time I've spent there a pleasure, and the events they run range from serious (trivia etc)right through to the plain insane (my favourite, scrabble, thanks Feor ;).
    All in all, I would reccomend this mud to any Star Wars fan, or just as a place to get started on a mud, as not much SW knowledge is really needed.