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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by rldl

this is a game with everything but theres one thing wrong with it, if u go trough using the link that u get fot the telnet here because it isnt the same telnet they use sure it supplies the same info but..... its in white backgroung with black writing but the link at materia magica gives u colour and anything you ask for (nearly)after that but then again if u dont want full screen stuff from here then..... its your choice either way anyway back to the game i havent been on it much only about 60 hours on whole and it sems to be fine ...... exept for the tricks like i was after something to eat and i found some cookies how i was i syupposed to know they were poisend and i died and had to stay in etheral void for another 6 mins it can get annoying as well when this part gets stuck up the top (writing) and keeps attracting your atention or when you lose your place (your curser and it turns up somewhere else) etc