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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Hagge

Since the day I logged on to the Star Wars MUD I have both cursed and thanked my friend that more or less forced me to try this game... Before logging on to the SWMUD about 3 years ago I thought MUDing was a just a bunch of text scrolling past too fast to read. After playing just a few hours I was
hooked. The friendly atmosphere found on the MUD was and still is great.

So what is Star Wars mud like?
Great I say! After over 100 days of online time I still dont feel like I have seen it all yet and im pretty sure
I havent. There are over 30 planets/areas and virtually thousands of NPC with intresting weapons and equipment. New quests and areas are made all the time and new additions to existing areas spice them up and make you wonder what additions you might have missed on areas you havent seen for awhile.

Playerkilling on the StarWars MUD is restricted to those that have signed the book, means its not compulsory even
though I sometimes wish it was ;).
Playerkillers have two own guilds that have some of the most powerful skills on the mud which makes it worthwhile
to try playerkilling once you start to get a hang of the playing. Playerkillers have a wide array of different sci-fi gadgets to help them find, capture and hold they're
prey while also countermeasures are found. There are also a few clans with dedicated playerkillers on the MUD that
have large battles between each other every now and then. Playerkilling on the Star Wars MUD is extremely exciting
and fun, as long as you remember its all just a game...

If you like some change from the usual hack and slash medieval sorcerer mud, try a Sci-Fi MUD based on the best Sci-Fi movie ever made that is truly well coded and planned!