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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Crownsilver

Armageddon... The perfect MUD!


I am here today to give my honest opinion on the mud as it stands, as a player of nearly 4 years now, who has seen many changes.

By no means do I intend for this to be negative if it is taken as so, but more or less a non-biased opinion of the games good and bad.


In my first bit, for anyone who wishes to play a true roleplay intense MUD, I personally believe there is no place that will rise above Armageddon.

))There are no global channels save for OOC, which has *very* strict rules about it.
))The emote system is so deep (and easy to learn!) that you can literally bring your character to life with a dazzling paragraph, or a smiple sentence using the keyword indicators and other tools involved. This makes for the most in-depth emoting you will ever witness. I have gotten the chills many times from such things, and no, not just during the sex.
))Ever worry about having your in-depth plot ruined by ooc chatter on chat channels and the like? No need here, as such things are strictly forbidden, and dealt with accordingly, to ensure the BEST of your suspense.

And if those things are not enough to wet your roleplay whistle, take in account the unique atmosphere, where just blinking wrong will end your life if one above you so wishes it! Settle yourself into the ranks of society and learn who your betters are, and who you must be, and play accordingly, or suffer as so many before you have! And considering the perma-death factor... How intriguing is that to try and fit into!?

Worried about those hack and slash twinks with super-classes who always want to steal your Ub3R junk? No need here, because the classes capable of disturbing such a balance are limited to those who earn them through the great roleplay described above! And everyone is out to earn that right, so you can expect the majority of those you interact with to be using their best behavior and sticking to their character!

A favorite part of the game to myself personally, is the way the skill system itself is written. How good are you with that sword? You have a 30% skill rating?


You never know, skill numbers are hidden, thus leaving you with only a general idea of what you can do! You won't be capable of your weaponsmith saying, 'Hey, I have an 80% weaponsmithing skill, I can make steel maces!' Instead, it would be more like, 'Hmm, I'm pretty decent, I wonder if I can make a decent bone sword yet! I shall try!' It just adds a nice touch of realism that doesn't interfere with playability, and I personally love it!

This is not even half of the good either... There are so many things, from a detailed crafting system that is virtually limitless thanks to imm intervention, to a massive world with possibilities that have probably never been reached, a rich, player created history, a close-together player base, and a combat system that doesn't leave you with a question mark on your face trying to figure out how to work it... all the way to an extremely loyal, and for the most part helpful player base.

The Good Part of Newbie Friendly: Armageddon has a fairly small playerbase, but an extremely loyal one! The immortals have designated several players a s'helpers' who you may feel free to get in touch with at ANY time for help. Several times,  you may run into the rare good-hearted character when new, and they will show you around the game in character, without managing to upset the ooc boundaries! On the job training, hehe!

And last but not least, the majority of the game's immortals are just unbelieveably awesome! From Vendyra, to Nessalin and Halaster, Kivan, Mekeda and so many others! They are willing to set aside time in their day to make this game enjoyable for us, and that is kick booty!


A small handful of the imms... As I refuse to name names, because several have their own opinions, my only actual dislike of Armageddon (short of a 100 day character biting the dust in a non-heroic way, hehe) is that I have come to notice/feel that a few of the immortals seem to make Armageddon a playground/pushing place/unfair frustration release.

But of course, no one is perfect, neither is one staff. And while some may enjoy what is done by these few, others have show much distaste, with one quitting the game altogether due to feelings on the matter. It remains an opinion however, and if true, they will be stripped of their place by the Highlord Imms, as they do the best job they can to keep the place fair. all in all, this is not even a reason to fear, or hate the game, as some players have ran several characters and never even noticed interaction with an Imm, there are just that many possibilities!

In closing: If you have even an *inkling* for roleplay intensive, DO NOT pass this MUD up! It can easily be the greatest experience next to table top, and even better for some! There are politics, greed, robberies, murder, lies, corruption, betrayal, sex, romance, heroes and villians!

And that's just in a single clan! No telling what might be in the others!

Stop in, give it a try... Once you have been bitten, you won't turn away!