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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Reach of the Empire by Dale Hayrs Jr.

Well, I originally reviewed Otherspace by itself, when I was first asked to leave.  I was allowed back onto Star Wars RoE, and have played it for a full year since coming back, and now I've been required to leave.  So again, I'll offer my final review of the game, as I've completed my experience of it and can new look back and review it.

    The player-base is still RoE's strongest point.  That is the only facet of the game that I am really sad to leave behind.  They have lots of coded systems, and with coded systems you can do neat stuff, but it also limits what you can do as well.  Having played on a seperate Star Wars MU** that had no coded weapons, and skills were more RP based than numbers based, I found I greatly preferred the RP driven format.  But, the coded system worked fine for what it was.
    However, the problem with the coded system was that it turned the game into a contest of who could get better guns and better armor, and then get the l337 (elite) skills necessary to pound anyone else into the ground.  My character had lots of really cool toys, but he wasn't the best out there at using them, so he could (and did) get frequently.  However, I found that was a rare case.
    On the subject of TinyPlots, or the Story Arcs that drive the game, the longer I stayed, the less it seemed like Star Wars.  Not to mention, I found it was nearly impossible to run any TPs as a character without specific admin approval or knowledge.  I had several occasions where I had carefully laid out plans that I was pushing forward, just to all of a sudden run up against admin characters with super equipment and super skills.  There was no way a group of normal PCs could have fought back and had any realistic chance of winning.
    The nice thing about the administration of the game is that they are available.  And they'll listen, to a point.  However, there are no set rules as to how combat is to be conducted or judged, and so it changes from situation to situation.  As well, some admin are more flexible than others, willing to make OOC changes to have things make more sense, ICly.
    The poor thing about the administration of the game is that some are not flexible.  Some are barely reasonable.  I know for a fact that there have been admin in-fights because one admin did something that messed up another admin's plot/territory/whatever.  As well, the administration has done some things that seem very bizarre ICly.  Cloning 30 Vaders being the most obvious of those oddities.
    Overall, I think the game is good.  There are good players there, and it is possible (if relatively difficult) to get involved in galaxy-impacting events.  If you can tolerate the administration, or if you never have a disagreement with them, or manage to never really be involved with them much, this game can be wonderful.  However, there are many players on the game who find the administration hard to tolerate, and believe that they negatively impact the quality of RP available.
    My final opinion?  Good players, weird story, mediocre administration, easy to join sides, hard to be independent.  But, as the head admin not so kindly pointed out to me in my last evening on the game, you should take my opinion with a grain of salt.  I did end up getting booted.