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Reviews Section
Prophecy the MUD by Yarblek

Heya, I'd just want to send in a word about this mud. I've been playing it for almost 7 years, begun as a little no-name with hardly no knowledge.

After some time, I've grown to know the people on prophecy, gotten alot of friends of course
(some enemies?) I've been a High ranked clan member for many years and now advanced into an immortal character.

Why should you play prophecy?

1)Most of us are very newbie friendly
2)If you have a wish to create something
 prophecy can offer a chance to create
 a clan of your own with all your friends.
3)It is a very stabile mud codewise.
4)There are constantly updates every 14 days.
5)Us Immortals listen at your opinions and always
 consider your ideas before imping/scrapping.
6) I could go on forever, but i won't =)

If you're interested, visit
or hook up on your mudclient on the URL 4000

Recommended clients


(these are easily found on the web, and they are

I hope to see people on here soon, Make contact with me and I'll give you more information in game.