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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Sheep

Armageddon is possibly one of the most poorly ran muds I have encountered in the five or six years I've been mudding.

Armageddon prides its self to be a RP intensive mud, where RP is strictly inforced and PK without RP is forbidden. This is utter non-sense. Though there is a higher level of RP here than at other muds, a carefully crafted character can easily be killed by by someone who choses to neglect the rules of RP. There are plenty of instences of players walking into a room and killing a character without a single word or emote. If you want to see specific examples then just go to their discussion board.

The staff is rude and at times are no where to be found. To illustrate: five weeks ago I sent an email to the mud asking for help with my game account. Since the website said that all emails are usually answered within 48 hours, I sent the staff member in charge of responding to emails a message via the game's discussion board inquiring of the status of my email. Here is a copy of that message:

Hello. I sent an email to a few days ago asking for a copy of my account notes. I followed all the instructions in the contacting the staff section of the help files, but I haven't received any response from the mud. Thank you for all your help :)

And here is their response:

Yes, I'm having trouble answering account mail because everyone is sending me stupid PMs ont he GDB.

GDB is general discussion board. It has been about four weeks now and still no help to be found. Note that I also sent an email to the game's main email address, and have not heard from them either.

In addition, the mechanics of the mud are also hopelessly flawed. The game lags like you would not believe; a real mystery considering there are usually only 20-30 players online. Characters often die from lag or crashes during combat. These characters are not reimbersed due to "mud policy," which forces you to wait 24 hours to have another character approved for play. The shop system of the game will only accept 5 of one item for one real life week; meaning if you arn't one of the players who are able to log on before anyone else and flood the shops with goods after a reboot, then you arn't going to sell a thing for the next week. The NPCs of the mud are buggy and players have asked that NPC guards in the city be tuned for what must be atleast 4 years now, yet no tune is ever implemented. This problem is also cited on the games GDB. By the way, a game reboot takes an entire day. Yup, every saturday from 9am till 7 pm the game is down and unplayable. Know any other muds where it takes that long to change/fix/add something? Achaea has 500 players regularly and they don't even reboot like that.

In addition, there is aboslutely nothing to do in this mud. There are no quests, no monsters you can't solo kill until your character is atleast a few real life days old, no special weapon of blasting. Nothing. All you can do is sit around all day waiting for someone you know to log in so that you can train your fighting skills with them.

The game is not newbie friendly; most questions on the gdb are answered with "find out for yourself in game." Once again, go to their message board and count how many times that phrase shows up.

With the currupt staff, messy coding, weekly day long reboots, and lack of coded things to do, armageddon is very possibly one of the worst put together muds I've ever played