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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Angel Kenji

To 'Sick of the Community',
I wanted to wait until after Mringasa had a chance to comment on your previous statement, about him leading private groups at lord.

I can speak from first hand experience, Mring is one of the best tanks out there. I recently, after almost 5 years on the MUD, joined the Lord tier in one of my alts. No one knows who my main alt is. Mring was more than willing to help me learn, suggest ways to play my character, and even respond to my incessant questions about gear, areas, mobs, etc.

If that's not community, I don't know what is. I have found many members of the AVATAR family who share the same exact sentiment. They are willing to go out of their way, take time out of their game to help others.

I'm sorry that you have had a difficult experience with grouping. It happens. However, I notice that the entire tone of all of your notes has been negative. Do you think that your negativity might reflect in your game? If so, would you be eager to group someone who was negative and not enjoying themself?

I would rather run in a splat group with a bunch of players who were having a good time than power level with a couple morose, disgruntled hacks. Just my two bits. Adjust for inflation accordingly ;)