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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Retired

Avatar is a longstanding community.  I believe the initial people started 10 years ago on Farside and then stuck together until today.  Through game design...or mis-design...Avatar's developed into a game of levels and numbers.  It's a game full of accountants who balance their budgets not just with gold but with every possible numerical value in the game.  Avatar is a power-levelers dream where you can invest hundreds of hours polishing equipment because you get to use the same equipment for 999 levels.

It is this game design that slowly weeded the RPG players off to MUSHs and games that care more about character descriptions than how fast you kill a goblin wizard.  The players who like this kind of game stay here and due to the aggressively competitive nature of number-crunching everything to death, they set the tone for the mud.

If this sounds like a game for you, make sure you pick a race and class that maximizes your strengths.  You'll be goaded and possibly considered dumb for choosing something based on roleplay.

The previous thread of reviews on being kicked out of groups stems from this mentality.  Being friendly and open to others comes secondary to making all the numbers on your score sheet larger at Avatar.

Although there are people who care, and typically they end up involved in staffing the game, they are a minority.  Kenji is one of the people that Avatar needs to see more often.  He's an exception rather than a rule.

Keeping tabs in case things change,