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Reviews Section
The Darkening Sun by Mark James

Well first things first, I do actually like this mud but it isnt all it is made out to be.
The areas are said to be unique but alot are actually just revamped Dawn generic areas. As an example, most if not all of storyland is actually the Faerie ring in default dawn.
The players here are not as newbie friendly as the other reviews would like you to believe. If you ask a question on Newbie you will have to always ask mutliple times.
That all done and said the actual ideaology is good with a strong RP based world. The mythos is believable and creative. The code system is modified enough to make it more than another boring Dawn clone.

Originality of Areas: 3/10
Roleplay potential: 9/10
Actual roleplay: 5/10
Newbie friendly: 4/10
Immortals: 9/10
All total: 8/10

People that will like it:
Anyone that enjoys the dawn codebase.
Role Players if they can find some, because the code for it is there in force.

People that wont like it:
Hack and Slashers
People new to mudding due to poor player help.
People that want to just jump into a mud without thinking about ic consequences.