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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Sick of Community

Retired is very correct in many parts about this game.  And Kenji I am not always negative.  For a long time if a person new on the game was on and needed help i would help him.  Usually becoming fast friends.  Well Fast Friends that lord became Fast Fiends.  Once they get stuff out of you they leave ya in the dust.  It was quite interesting when people on avatar saw the letter.  There was no hmm maybe the game should look into this.
No it was "if you dont like this game find another one".  There really is no real role playing in this game like Retired says unless you are in a small community/cult which you can get people to help you.  It is interesting to see what people play.  I played a hum war for so long because i thought it would be fun.  I also have played almost every different type of race/class mix that can be put in the beginning sequence.  THe only ones that level past a certain point are of a specific nature.  No hum or elf or weak characters are usually really high but there are a few exceptions most just fade away into a gia or orc or elf (if they play arc).  I love this game but when ideas are thrown out because the higher ups might not like it isnt exactly a great thing to have happen.
THe last comment is about what Retired said which is very, very true.  This is a hack and slash game not a roleplaying game.  And Kenji i do tank and usually take the oddities out and show them the ropes when i want to.  While others will specifically just ask for "Brutes, Meatshields, no weaklings."