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Reviews Section

Avatar is a roleplay encouraged/permitted hack and slash mud rather than a roleplaying enforced mud and does not claim to be a roleplaying enforced mud.

This may mean that people expecting or wanting a higher level of roleplay may be better suited to a game other than AVATAR that is more specifically geared to roleplaying.

Slamming us for not having the level of roleplaying that you may desire when we are not a roleplay enforced mud is like buying UT2004 and complaining that there are too many guns in the game. If you don't want guns then don't play a shoot-em-up game.
Would you really expect the makers of UT2004 to completely change their game just because you emailed in to say you didn't like the guns aspect?

Currently we don't have the staff to enforce roleplaying all the time, maybe if we had full time and paid members of staff like some of the pay per play muds this would be possible, however being free and run by unpaid volunteer staff, currently this is not possible for us.

"Sick of the Community" and "Retired", I am sorry to hear that your experience has not been a wholly pleasurable one.
Not everyone who plays Avatar is obsessed with power levelling, you both for example are proof of this.

As I am sure you are aware, it is difficult to change people's perspective and attitudes to playing a game overnight.

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments, it is appreciated.
We'll certainly take them on board and discuss them and see what we can do to improve things where possible and within our control.